Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Ways to Quit Smoking for Me

One of the largest reasons that a smoker loses in their attempt/s to stop smoking is
largely mental. How would I know? I have tried stopping smoking
8 times before. I have used most of the ways to quit smoking and could not quit.
I have used the Patch, the Gum, Zyban, Chantix, and several other “craving buster”
merchandise. The fact is, many of these items do help. However, if you can’t
stop the psychological handle that smoking has on you than you will lose at quitting.

Why are there so many items sold that are made to reduce the physical
symptoms of withdrawal and only a some that address the psychological addiction?
The answer is simply cash. I am not going to spend a lot of time explaining this
to you because that is not the point of this article. Just take my word for it. There are
so many ways to quit smoking and products available to aid the process that a
very important detail often gets lost in the mix. That detail is your DECISION to
quit. There is all the bull out there stating that “YOU have to really WANT to quit”
in order to have success. No smoker wants to stop smoking(unless you are sick) hell, we like to smoke. Smoking is very enjoyable! When you decide to quit, you are
consciously electing to trade one of your little pleasures for improved health and a lasting
life. Of course, there are a lot more pluses to quit smoking but your life is the most important. Once you have decided to stop, it is now time to pick one of the ways to quit
smoking and set your stop date(Anywhere from 10 to 14 days is sufficient time
to get ready to quit). I shouldn’t recommend a product or certain ways to
quit smoking because I have not had success with them. How did I stop? I used a simple
supplement (an herb I bought) and did it cold turkey. I am sure that for me (and probably
most others) that cold turkey is one of the best ways to quit smoking. I will explain this better in another article

Ok, back to the purpose of this post, The psychological grip of smoking on smokers.
Docters will tell you that the physical withdrawal from nicotine is why it is so hard to
Quit. There is a lot truth to this and we all know that nicotine is addicting. But how long are you addicted? The unfortunate answer is a long time, not hours days or weeks, but years. The experts say that after you quit the nicotine has been removed
from your body in about 4 days and your physical withdrawal symptoms will have stopped. After the physical withdrawal you should be ready for years of psychological withdrawal (cravings). When I quit cold turkey my worst cravings were in the 3rd week, long after the physical withdrawal. After week 3 things did start to improve
quite a bit. I understand that I will have cravings for years. I also understand that they will begin to lose intensity and will occur less often. Time is with us.

When the day comes that you choose to live a longer and healthy life, don’t stress about the physical withdrawal(It doesn’t last but a few days) but ready your mind for the War that’s about to be fought there. This is the most important thing you must do before quitting smoking it will make all the difference in the World.
THE BATTLE EVEN STARTS! Understand this and you will quit for good. Believe me
I have tried all the ways to quit smoking and winning the war in your mind is the key
to quit smoking forever. Keep in mind that quitting smoking is not a negotiation. Do not
negotiate for that one puff! Or that one cigarette under any circumstance. Make sure your
mind (that wants a smoke) those thoughts will not be tolerated. You want the cravings, you deserve the cravings for the damage you have done to your body. That’s right!, you
deserve it. It’s a small price to pay now, if you don’t pay it now, the price keeps going up
until you finally pay the ultimate price (your life).
Now go do it, check out my blog for more info the different ways to quit smoking and their pluses and minuses.

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