Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How to Quit Smoking for 30 Days

That's right 30 days!!!!!! In my first post, said "I quit smoking today". That was the date of my first post but my actual quit date was January 10. I want to talk about day 1. On the first day I expected the worst cravings, feely shitty etc.. but the first day of quit smoking wasn't that bad until my first HUGE craving. When I quit smoking cold turkey I knew it was the only ways to quit smoking successfully. I also kind of knew what to expect since I had quit smoking many times before. WRONG! This first day was different, the big craving hit me at 2:00 in a grocery store. OH My Gawd!!! It hit me then and there like a ton of bricks; I CAN NEVER SMOKE ANOTHER CIGARETTE AGAIN IN MY LIFE. That big bad craving turned into something much more hideous; I had lost a partner in my life of 30 years and that partner is never coming back. I was craving and I was mourning the loss of a partner and it hurt. That feeling lasted about an hour
and slowly subsided. Why was this first day different from previous quit smoking attempts and why did I have that big moment of truth. Well, in my previous attempts I always had an "out" in the back of my mind. I always let myself have that one "just in case". In previous attempts I couldn't bare the thought of being a non smoker. Going on vacation without a cigarette, watching a ballgame without a cigarette, driving without a cigarette, having beers with my buddies without a cigarette... it goes on and on. I couldn't handle the thought of life without my partner, so in previous attempts I left the door open just a little to ease my mind. Yep, sure enough, eventually I would slip back through that door and be smoking again.
This time was different though, I looked the monster in the eye and told him no more, as much as it hurts me now, our partnership is over. Goodbye! Forever! Ouch that hurt!
Ok, with that out of the way I got a little stronger each day and my resolve had hardened and I knew I had won. Today is 1 month and I am proud of myself, Ha, I'm also 6 lbs heavier, but that's a story for another day.



  1. I think I'm a little confused, maybe i'm reading your blog backwards ... i see you've stopped for one month - well done. i'm trying not to replace with food, but 6 lbs for the first month isn't too bad is it? I remember one quit i actually put on 3 stone ... it was horrendous. i'm trying not to over-eat, but i think smoking does something to our metabolism anyway.
    we will wait and see.
    Chris x

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